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Malene Jacobsen

Malene Jacobsen (Denmark)
PhD Candidate in Geography

Malene's work focuses on the geographies of migration and political geography. She is interested in questions around forced migration, transnationalism, borders, power, and political subjectivity.
Malene earned her B.S. in Geography and Education Studies from Roskilde University, Denmark. During her bachelor's, Malene spent time studying abroad at Georgia Southern University, where her professors recommended UK's geography program. She has an MA in Geography from UK and is now finishing her PhD.
"My first semester at Kentucky for my MA, I took a social geography course that focused specifically on issues of migration, borders, and politics," Malene said. "It was this course that really got me interested in forced migration and questions about asylum, refuge, and rights."
Malene has found the Geography department at UK to be a supportive community. "There is a strong sense of collegiality and you really feel that the people, both students and professors, are there to support each other and make the best out of your time as a graduate student," she said. "One of the highlights from my time at UK has been teaching ... I have really enjoyed getting to know the undergraduate students and teaching them what geography is about, taking them to new places through case studies, and introducing them to new tools and skills in order to better prepare them for their next semester and life after college."
Malene plans to start a post-doctoral fellowship in Fall 2019 after submitting her final dissertation at UK. After her post-doc, she hopes to find a permanent position at a university that will allow her to continue to research and teach.