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Hadi Rahmani

Hadi Rahmani (Iran)
PhD Candidate in Physics
Hadi chose UK based on the research specializations within the Physics department as his goal was improving his own research. He found that doctoral programs in the United States place more of an emphasis on research than programs offered in other countries. Currently, he is researching biochemistry and biophysics. "We are using molecular simulations and numerical methods to investigate chemical systems, especially molecular dynamic simulations for molecular transport phenomena," he said.
Hadi enjoys the wide breadth of areas that physics covers - he is working under the supervision of both Chemistry and Physics professors. "There are a lot of links between professors in Physics and professors in other areas, like Chemistry Engineering, so you can also work with other departments," he said.
He has enjoyed Lexington and the UK campus, including the library, access to supercomputer clusters available for student use, as well as the sports facilities. "Fortunately teaching assistantships are available in science," Haid said. "A lot of Engineering bachelor's students need to take courses in Physics. So, you don't need to be concerned about funding. And professors get funding from outside organizations, such as the Petroleum Research Fund in our research group."
After completing his PhD, Hadi hopes to work in academia and continue to develop his skills in research and teaching. He holds a master's from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran and a bachelor's from the University of Isfahan.