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About the Chemistry-Physics Building

President Frank Dickey (UK President, 1956 – 1963) understood that world-class research requires world-class resources. He worked closely with faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences to design and build the Chemistry-Physics building. When it was completed in 1962, it was the most advanced science building in the Commonwealth and one of the most advanced in the nation. Under President Dickey’s leadership, the facility ushered in a new era of science research at UK and helped pave the way for us to take our place among the top tier of research universities nation-wide.

It is now time to invest in a major renovation which will create state-of-the-art faculty laboratories. This new space will help prepare our students for success and provide our exemplary faculty the space necessary to solve the issues of our day.   

"The Chemistry-Physics Building has served the university amazingly well through more than a half-century in which science completely changed, moving from the era of slide rules to the era of supercomputers," said Mark Meier, past chair of the Department of Chemistry. "These renovations will create the spaces and facilities needed for research to move forward through coming decades when science will change in ways we cannot predict. The renovated building, and the scientific study that is carried out inside it, will be a point of pride for the state."