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“The Lebanese Community of Mexico and the Development of Mexican Film"

Hardymon Theater @ the Marksbury Building
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Dr. Carlos Martínez Assad
Dr. Carlos Martínez Assad, Professor Emeritus, National Autonomous University of Mexico and 2013 Winner of Mexico’s National Prize for Arts and Sciences, is the author of numerous books and articles on Mexican history, politics, culture, and film, and two books and a novel on the Middle East. He has been a columnist for various Mexican newspapers, presently he is writing for El Universal.   
The documentary, La historia en la mirada (The Gaze of History) on the Mexican Revolution, for which he did the historical research and screenplay, won the Ariel (Mexican Oscar) for best documentary in 2010. At UK, he will be presenting his documentary on the Lebanese community in Mexico. (The Lebanese in Mexican film – with English subtitles.)  Discussion to follow.