Bike FAQs

How does the drawing work?
Greenhouse will hold an Induction ceremony after you arrive and are moved into Woodland Glen II. It is a great time to get to know the Faculty Directors, the Peer Mentors and other students. Attendance will be checked at this ceremony since it is one of your mandatory events. Students will fill out a card that will go into a drawing. During this ceremony, we will have a random drawing and the winners will be announced. There will be 35 bikes availlable split between men's and women's styles.

Do I have to be present at the drawing in order to be eligible?
Since the Induction Ceremony is a mandatory event, we expect all students to be in attendance. This ceremony is arranged at a time when classes are not being held and when all freshmen, especially those entering a Living Learning Program should be available. Any student who cannot attend should notify us during move in and it will be determined, at that time, if they are excused from the Induction ceremony.

Are there requirements I must complete if I win a bike?
Yes. Along with your bike, you will be given a helmet and a lock and required to complete a safety course. Failure to complete the safety course may result in forfeitting your bike to another member of the Greenhouse community. It is important to know the rules and regulation for bike safety and how to obey them as a new cyclist to UK and the Lexington community.

If I am not selected for one of the Greenhouse bikes, does UK have other options if I still want a bike?
Yes, the Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library has two programs that you may want to consider registering for as a back-up to the Greenhouse drawing. WWBL has a fleet of 80 bikes available each academic term to any member of the campus community. More information is available here.

Also, new for fall of 2014 WWBL has a fleet of 100 bikes available to any student living on campus who signs a commitment to not bring a car with them to campus. The bikes are available from August to May. More information on this program available here.

Can I still bring my own bike to campus?
Yes, UK does not limit the number of bikes you have on campus. However, please note there are limited spaces available for bikes at the residence hall and on campus.

Does UK have a bike registration program?
Yes and we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the program. Bicycle registration is voluntary, permits are free of charge, serves as a visible theft deterrent, and is very helpful in returning stolen and abandoned bicycles to their rightful owners. We will give you a set of instructions about how to register your bike, about the class, etc. when the drawing is held.

Do I need to register my bike?
Yes.  We will require that you register your bike since we plan for you to park on campus and we will want you to display a valid bicycle permit.  Bicycle permits are free of charge.  It also acts as a visible theft deterrent.  We will give you a set of instructions about how to register your bike, about the class, etc. when the drawing is held.

Is there a place on campus that is a bike resource?
UK's Parking and Transportation Services has a page dedicated to bicycle information on campus - here.

Part of UK's Office of Sustainability, Wildcat Wheels is an educational resource on campus and offers repair assistance to students, staff and faculty - find out more.

What happens if the bike is stolen or damaged?
If you believe your bike is stolen, you should first contact UK PTS ( to confirm that your bike was not impounded.  If it was not, then contact the UK Police Department at 859-257-8573 to file a report.  Last, please contact the Director of the Greenhouse program.

What happens at the end of the year - do I get to keep the bike?
Students in Greenhouse will complete two courses, a 2-credit hour course in the fall semester and a 1-credit hour seminar in the spring semester.  They must also complete six mandatory meetings/field trips.  Upon completion of these requirements, you are eligible to keep your bike.

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